Back in May, Google announced something called 'Google Duplex' at I/O. The feature would be able to call businesses using humanlike speech patterns to set up appointments or make reservations. But months before that, the Chrome team had already renamed its experimental 'Chrome Home' interface to 'Chrome Duplex.' Chrome Duplex is now being renamed again to 'Chrome Duet' to avoid confusion with the fancy new Google Duplex.

The information behind this name change comes courtesy of a code change request in Chromium Gerrit, which reads:

Rename Chrome Duplex to Chrome Duet

This rename is to avoid name collision with Google Duplex; a feature completely unrelated to Chrome toolbars.

'Chrome Duplex' was a slick-sounding name, though I have nothing against 'Chrome Duet' either. When you see us mention new Chrome Duet changes/additions in the future, know that we're still talking about Chrome on Android's experimental interface.