Direct Bluetooth file transfers have been available on Android since time immemorial, but Android P adds a long-overdue related feature. You can finally see a list of all transferred files. The menu is nestled in the connection settings—it's actually been there for a while, and no one noticed.

We've traced the "Received file" menu back to the first developer preview in March. It's still there as of the latest DP4 as well. You'll find it in Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences. The list shows the file name, originating device ID (if available), size, and date.

You can tap on any of the files in this list to open them, assuming they still exist on your device. The entry in the list will remain there even if you delete the file later. In fact, there does not seem to be any way to clear items from this menu at all. We don't know if this will make it into the final release, but it's already been present throughout most of the preview. It's probably a safe bet.

It's old but in a new place

This feature turns out not to be new, but it is in a new place. Google has had this file list tucked away in the overflow menu within Bluetooth settings for several years. A few OEMs expose the menu as a separate item as well. It appears Android P will move it up a level and make it a separate menu item.

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