Slowly but surely, Google Keep is adding more features that bring it closer to the powerful note-taking application we all want it to be. A recent change made it possible to indent items in lists, and another note form is getting a small update now. If you like drawing or using handwriting for your notes, you can now replace the white background with grids or lines to improve your accuracy.

In version 5.0.251 of Google Keep, tap the overflow menu when a drawing note is open, and choose Show grid. You'll have four options: SquareDotRules, and None. Pick the one you want and the entire background will switch to display that pattern. It's handy when you want to write or draw something with a bit of precision or some exact proportions.

* Support grid & ruled lines for drawings
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

The feature wasn't there in earlier versions of Google Keep on mobile or tablets, but it was spotted on Chrome OS in May, so we knew it was only a matter of time before it showed up on smaller screens. If you want to give it a go, you can grab Keep 5.0.251 from APK Mirror or from the app widget below.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
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