The original Android P developer preview added a neat rotation toggle that let you lock the screen into portrait or landscape when auto-rotate was disabled. Google has played around with how to present this feature, and the new dev preview makes the biggest change yet. The button has been completely redesigned, and it shows up in a different location (sometimes).

The button is no longer a copy of the quick settings rotation lock. It has different functionality, so that makes sense. It's now a pair of circular arrows, and it still only appears when you rotate your phone while the orientation is locked. The location of the button varies based on your navigation mode, though.

In traditional navigation mode, the button pops up on the far right of the nav bar (that's the same as the last preview). What's new is the button location in gesture mode. Here, the rotate button appears immediately to the right of the home button in the space where overview appears in the regular navigation bar. It balances out the back button on the other side, but the effect is only temporary—the rotate button vanishes when you rotate the phone back.

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