Everybody uses multiple devices these days, and having access to your files across all your gadgets is practically essential (or, at the very least, super handy). Cloud storage is the simplest way to make sure your stuff goes where you go, and Amazon's throwing in a nice bonus with purchase of a year subscription to Dropbox Plus: a $20 Amazon gift card.

Dropbox Plus includes one terabyte of storage, and billed annually at $99, you're already saving $20 versus a month-to-month subscription. There are other benefits, too, like priority email support, but the headlining feature is obviously the storage itself. Toss in a $20 gift card good on basically anything you could want (except other gift cards), and you're looking at a pretty sweet deal.

If you're looking to get a little something extra with your cloud storage, you should probably get on it. The deal is only good for today, and expires at midnight, Pacific (that's 3 a.m., Eastern).