Opera has been making browsers and other apps for years, and now it's taking the next step. Opera has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in the US, hoping to raise around $115 million. However, that number could change as we get closer to the IPO.

Opera says in its filing that it does turn a profit every year. The Opera VPN service shut down recently, but its other apps make money in a few ways. According to the company's F-1 filing, it had revenue last year of $128.9 million and profit of $6.1 million. Most of that comes from deals with search engines to make them the default in its browsers; Yandex in Russia and Google everywhere else. Google accounts for 43.2% of Opera's income, and Yandex is 12.9%. Opera also makes a little money from sites that are pre-loaded in the bookmarks. It claims 182 million monthly users of its apps.

Opera split into two firms a few years back—the browser maker and an advertising company. The advertising company changed its name to Otello, and Opera was acquired by a consortium of Chinese companies in 2016. If it gets listed on the US stock market, Opera will trade under "OPRA."