The subject of text messaging has been in the news a bit recently, from our own upset at Fi's lack of RCS support to T-Mobile's recent (and last-minute) announcement of rolling out RCS Universal Profile to its customers—at least, those with a Samsung Galaxy S 7/Edge. As is always the case, interest seems to be mixed when it comes to this migration, with some of our audience happy to see SMS slowly being replaced with RCS, while others couldn't care less what standard the carriers use. That makes us curious as to how many of our readers still regularly use SMS.

This poll is going to have to be a tiny bit different than most. We keep votes anonymous, but in this case, we're pretty sure that regional differences are going to be at play, and that's something we'd like to explore. So, to keep things simple, we'll be having two answers for two areas: Yes or no for people in or out of North America. Based on our readership, that should split up results very well into two large groups.

We're nearly sure that the North American separation for results will be key because we believe that the earlier proliferation of Apple's hardware—and, therefore, iMessage—in North America has forced the continued relevance of the ancient technology in the area. As our readers frequently remind us, other markets were able to make the (smart) move to 3rd party chat protocols during the rise of smartphones.

Ideally, I'd love to give this poll just two answers and find a way to make a request for location, as the results would be more granular, but that isn't possible with the system we have. So I'd like to ask our readers to select just one answer below based on where they live, and we'll see how SMS use differs in the two groups. I also hope the regional distinction doesn't cause any offense, It just seems like the best way for us to analyze the results, as a blanket yes/no for the whole world wouldn't be very useful.

Do you regularly use SMS?

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