The full force of summer has landed and it is hot out — maybe too hot. Too hot to play, too hot to think, and certainly too hot for paying full price on your favorite tech hardware and accessories. This past week we've seen some tempting deals cross our path, and while a few have already come and gone, we're taking the opportunity this weekend to remind you about some of our favorite offers that just happen to still be available.

Nest hardware: $20 to $50 off, plus free Home Mini

OK, so it's hot. You going to just complain or do something about it? While there are plenty of low-tech ways to beat the heat, why not put some smart-home tech to good use and outfit your home's HVAC system with one of Nest's thermostats? We've spotted a number of retailers carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat for just $200, or you can go with the cheaper Thermostat E for more like $150. And while it won't keep you cool, the Nest Hello Video Doorbell is also on sale, down to $200. No matter which of these devices you pick up, you'll also score a free Google Home Mini.

Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds: $45 off

Maybe you dig the heat. Maybe you feel it pulling you outside, encouraging you to get off your butt and do something. Whether that means cycling, jogging, or whatever leisure activity floats your boat (you could also use these on a boat), consider keeping yourself entertained with the help of the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds. We really enjoyed the comfortable fit of this model, and right now Amazon's got it for just $135.

Sphero Spider-Man: $120 off

What even is … ? Alright, this clearly isn't going to be for everyone, but if you're a Marvel fan, enjoy interactive toys, or just really like big discounts, Sphero's Wi-Fi connected Spider-Man might just be for you. Sure, this Spidey's a little past its prime, but that's why instead of paying $150 for it, you're only going to have to shell out $30. Heck, when we first told you about this deal the other day, it was $35, so Best Buy is clearly very motivated in moving its stock. Get it while you can.

Google Play Music albums: Free, free, free

Remember when Google was all like, “Here, take all the albums you want, no charge?” Well, maybe it wasn't quite that extreme, but it sure felt like there was a time when everywhere you looked, Google Play Music was handing out free albums to add to your account. While those days are behind us, we've noticed a spate of new free-album offers, starting last week with some Ariana Grande and Beach Boys action. Now we've got eight more albums, yours for the taking. Yes, a lot of them are country. Ain't nothing we can do about that.