Earlier this month, Samsung announced the 2018 versions of its Galaxy J3 and J7 smartphones. No release date was given, with only "early June" as an estimate. It's very late in June now, but Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile have launched their versions of the J3 and J7.

Galaxy J3

As you might be able to tell, the J3 is the lower-end model of the two. Here are the specs:


Display 5.0" 720p TFT
Storage 16GB
Camera 8MP rear, 5MP front
Battery 2,600mAh
Software Android 8.0 Oreo

The specs obviously aren't the greatest, with the only noteworthy item at all being the Exynos 7884A chipset, which is likely an underclocked version of the Exynos 7884. At least it has Oreo, right?

Names and pricing between all three carriers can get confusing, so I'll put them in bulleted form here:

Galaxy J7

The J7 is the higher-end model, though it's still not especially powerful. When compared with the J3, it has a bigger display (but it's still 720p), an extra 16GB of storage, better cameras, and a larger battery.


Display 5.5" 720p TFT
Storage 32GB
Camera 13MP rear, 13MP front
Battery 3,300mAh
Software Android 8.0 Oreo

As with the J3, the names and prices can get muddled up, so here they are in bulleted form: