Sling TV announced a number of changes yesterday. Strangely, it seems people who don't subscribe to the service stand to benefit the most. While the price of a basic package has gone up by five bucks a month, from $20 to $25, the company has introduced free content for non-subscribers, as well as à la carte channel selections and additional on-demand programming that don't require subscriptions.

So long as you have a Sling account, whether or not you're a paying customer, you'll have access to "more than 100 hours of free TV shows and movies" in the Sling app. Free shows include "top content" like TBS comedies "Wrecked" and "The Detour."  You can also subscribe to Sling's add-on channel offerings, like Showtime and NBA League Pass, with or without a Sling subscription. Other channel selections include new additions like the Christian-focused Dove Channel, adventure sports channel Outside TV Features, and Stingray Karaoke.

Pay-per-view events on Sling, like UFC fights and boxing matches, and more than 5,000 movies, can also be purchased without a monthly Sling subscription.