AT&T surprise-announced WatchTV, its $15-a-month Sling TV competitor, in April. Earlier this month, the service went live for subscribers on certain AT&T plans. Now, it's available to everybody, and if you're in the market for an alternative to a basic cable package, it's actually looking like a pretty good option.

WatchTV includes some big-name channels like Cartoon Network, TLC, and TNT, with more on the way. Like pretty much every service of this kind, you can sign up for a one-week free trial; after that, it's $15 a month, and you can cancel whenever.

One wrinkle: you're only able to stream WatchTV on a single device at a time. Still, for about 50 cents a day, it's likely to meet the needs of a lot of people. You can read more about the service (and be pitched AT&T wireless plans) on the WatchTV website.

AT&T WatchTV
AT&T WatchTV
Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
Price: Free