It's not a secret that Sony's phones haven't exactly experienced the degree of success or sales that the company's competitors have seen. For years its design language was stuck firmly in the past, and the high prices associated with its products kept it from competing at the same level as other OEMs. And according to Evan Blass/@evleaks, the company may even be pulling out of the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa entirely.

Sony may not have sold a ton of phones, but it did have a small but passionate group of fans. If this news is true—and Evan doesn't usually make announcements like this without being pretty certain—there's sure to be a lot of very vocal upset about the subject.

Hopefully, Sony is able to use this opportunity to take a breath and regroup when it comes to its mobile efforts, it would be a shame to see it pull out of any other regions or markets. Competition is always a good thing, and it would be unfortunate for consumers if Sony weren't able to keep its mobile arm afloat.