Snapchat still maintains a large user base, but Instagram cloning many of its features has hurt the platform's popularity a bit (the expensive glasses and poor Android app haven't helped, either). Snap Inc has experimented with interactive content, like with the addition of AR selfie games in April. According to The Information, full-on games could be coming to the mobile apps soon.

Reportedly, Snap Inc is working on a gaming platform integrated into the Snapchat app. The company has already partnered with at least one publisher to create games, but the identity of the publisher is unknown. Presumably, the addition of games would encourage users to spend more time in the app, thus generating more ad revenue for Snapchat. One person familiar with the platform said it's currently more of an experiment than a major business endeavor.

Even though this is a clear case of feature creep, games in a messaging platform aren't completely unheard of. Facebook Messenger has more than 70 available games, and even older services like Yahoo Messenger had a few. Only time will tell if integrated games will boost Snapchat's user base.

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