Instagram's received a considerable update. Weeks after the announcement of Direct video calling integration and testing of a redesigned Explore, the features are now officially available. Instagram has also introduced a number of new camera effects, designed by Ariana Grande, the NBA, and Buzzfeed, among others.

Instagram Direct conversations now have an icon (it's a camera, of course, but I can't not see it as a coffee mug) in the top right that will open a video call with whomever you're talking to. It works for groups, too, so up to four people can be on one video call. Calls can be minimized to a picture-in-picture view that lets you continue to use Instagram as you're chatting.

The Explore tab is now organized by topic into channels, with options such as art, sports, and fashion. There's also a "For You" channel that contains a mix of topics Instagram thinks you'll be interested in. You're able to mute any topic you don't want to see, which relegates it to the bottom of the page.

The Instagram camera is getting a bunch of new effects made in collaboration with a number of high-profile entities, like Ariana Grande and Buzzfeed, which you can get either by following the associated account on Instagram or by spotting it in a story and adding it to your own camera.

The changes are live now in the Instagram app.

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