One of the most interesting, and some might say unsettling moments at Google I/O 2018 was the demo of Google Duplex. We saw how Assistant could call a business and get you a reservation by talking to a real person. Google even added in weird human ticks like "umm." Now, there's a new demo video of Duplex, and this time Assistant identified itself.

Google's demo at I/O rightly concerned some people. Shouldn't you know if you're talking to a robot? The company said real Duplex calls would include some sort of alert to the person on the other end. In the new video, Assistant does that by starting its call with "Hi. I'm the Google Assistant calling..."

The video also shows how you might be able to initiate a Duplex call. The user asks Assistant to make a reservation on a specific day, Assistant gathers more info, and then a different "version" of Assistant places the call. The Duplex version of Assistant has several lifelike quirks such as "umm" and "for" pronounced casually like "fir."

This is all very neat in demo form, but we don't know how well it'll work in real life. AP alum Ron Amadeo says Duplex will live up to the hype. Google will begin testing Duplex with select users and businesses later this summer, but general availability is still a long way off.