Work-life balance can be tricky. Google Calendar is getting a couple of additions that will hopefully make it easier to delineate when your work time ends and your personal time begins: soon, G Suite users will be able to set both their normal work hours as well as mark when they're out of the office.

Out of office shows up as a new event type when creating an event in your calendar on desktop. Event invitations for the selected range will automatically be declined, and you have the option to add a custom refusal message ("I'm on vacation," or whatever).

Similarly, setting your working hours will decline invitations for events outside those hours. Google will initially try to guess when you're usually at work, but you're able to adjust the hours manually, too.

The changes are set to roll out to G Suite users over the next three days, but it would make sense if similar features trickled down to regular users in the future. Until then, we'll have to settle for being reminded of how unpopular we are.