Google Photos knows everything about you, and by "everything" we mean everything. Yes, including your 4/20 activities. Your smoke vapors have gone all the way up to its cloud servers and it can find every single one of them. You must have thought this is pot-entially harmless, but knowing Google, that weed be a little naive. 

In case you can't tell from the screenshot above, Google Photos finds relevant results for a "420" search. That might come in handy if, for some reason, you don't recall the exact events around a certain timespan.

Alternative titles:

  • Google Pot-ohs knows what you've been smoking but is not ganja tell on you
  • Android P is for Pot
  • Turns out Bugdroid is green for a reason
  • Google Photos knows what you've been smoking, is more disappointed than angry
  • Google Photos is going off with a bong
  • Google Photos gets kush sync
  •  420 blaze it: Google Photos is slightly dazed, looking for Starbursts
  • Google Photos knows if you're holding [It'd be a lot cooler if you were]
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