We knew it was bound to happen when Google Home added support for Mexican Spanish, but now the Home and Home Mini speakers have officially launched in Mexico and are available for purchase.

Although Google is listing both Home and Home Mini on its Store in Mexico, the two products can't be purchased directly from the site. Instead, when you tap on "Buscar Minoristas," you get a list of nine retailers you can get the two smart speakers from: Best Buy, Coppel, Costco, Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Office Depot, RadioShack, Sanborns, and Sears.

A quick search shows that not all of these have Google Homes listed yet, but if Coppel is to be believed, the Home Mini will cost 1,499 Mexican pesos (approx. $75) and the Home will be 3,649 pesos (approx. $183). If you're interested, you should check out what Google Home and Assistant can do in Mexico.

Google has now made the launch official.