Sphero is known for creating clever, oddball electronic toys, and this Spider-Man one is no different. Unfortunately for Sphero, these toys tend to be discounted quite severely after a few months on the market; for instance, the $300 Ultimate Lightning McQueen can now be had for $119 on Amazon. In a similar manner, this Spider-Man toy has dropped from $149.99 to just $34.99 at Best Buy.

Sphero's Spider-Man features speech recognition, animated LCD eyes, "Spider-Sense" motion detection via an IR sensor, the ability to create a story, and more. Its charging base, which is shaped like a web, allows it to get over two hours of play on a full charge, and its Wi-Fi connection allows it to receive firmware updates. It's a lot of tech for such a small toy.

Chances are that it didn't sell too well at its $149.99 MSRP because it just doesn't look that fancy, but $34.99 is sure to entice a lot more people. Hit the source link below to grab one from Best Buy. Slickdeals says the discount is over, but it's still available via both shipping and in-store pickup for me.