Supercell's mobile multiplayer combat game Brawl Stars has apparently found a lot of success on iOS despite its year-long existence as a soft launched title that few could access. The thing is, Android users never heard one word about a release on our platform, so as you can imagine, fans on our side of the fence were starting to get real antsy. Luckily the devs hinted at an Android version over the weekend and have delivered today by soft launching the game in a few select countries around the world. The official date of the iOS and Android release is still unknown, but it's definitely great to see some movement from the company in this regard. So let's hope we all get to play this real soon.

It seems like Supercell has been working on Brawl Stars for ages, and yet it still hasn't been released despite a year-long soft launch on iOS. I would hope the devs are using their time wisely, addressing bugs and making sure that they will release a quality product once it is actually published, but it's still hard to shake the idea that nothing should be in testing this long. I have to start wondering if something is fundamentally wrong with the game. After doing a little digging, it would seem the largest complaint was when Brawl Stars moved from a portrait design to a landscape view. So I suppose some things just take time to nail down correctly.

The soft launch for Android begins today, but the majority of us won't be able to play since the entire thing is region-locked to the few specific countries that were given access. So if you happen to live in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, or Sweden, then you are in luck and should be able to install Brawl Stars right now.

Supercell has been known to cut games while they are in still only available as a soft launch title, but since the company felt confident enough to release the Android version of Brawl Stars in a few territories without any prompting, I will stay hopeful that the game will actually see the light of day outside of its testing regions. So yeah, there you have it. Battle Stars is still in development, and we may be actually inching closer to an official release. I suppose that is something for a game that many believed was teetering on the edge of cancelation.

Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars
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