The UK's most famous media institution, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), seems like it's constantly in transition as it tries to maintain its traditional values at the same time as adapting to a new generation of viewers, listeners, and readers. As far as audio content goes, the BBC has had to supplement its live and on-demand content by releasing podcasts on other services, too.

Music streaming apps dominate with younger media consumers, so the BBC has had to come up with a new strategy which includes replacing the aging iPlayer Radio app with something a little more Generation Z. BBC Sounds is out now for Android and iOS, reimagining the BBC's audio output in a bid to tempt users away from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

Sounds aims to offer a personalized experience for each user. It will learn your tastes from your listening habits so it can surface relevant content and cut down the amount of time required to find something you like. Next episodes and unfinished sessions will also be easy to get back to. Curated collections of podcasts will make it easy to find new shows, as will categories for all other content.

The 'My List' section acts as a place to save things for later, and 'My Sounds' is your personalized feed where anything you've subscribed to will show up. For live radio, the familiar scroll wheel is present once again, including the same 18 national and 40 local BBC radio stations you're used to.

For the moment, Sounds will coexist with iPlayer Radio, but it will take over completely later in the year. That gives the BBC time to obtain feedback and improve Sounds, which will hopefully deliver exciting new content to many more ears. As with iPlayer Radio, BBC Sounds will hopefully become available to users outside the UK eventually. For those who want to sideload, it's now available on APK Mirror.