Google has been planning a web version of Android Messages for months—we've seen it appear in teardown, after teardown, after teardown. Now, it's finally starting to show up for users. Well, sort of. The web interface has gone live, but the app doesn't appear to understand that yet.

The web component of Android Messages will allow you to view and send text messages in the Messages app from your computer. You have to associate the web interface with your app using a QR code on the page. When this feature is live, the app will include an option to scan that code. Currently, that option is missing.

Google's help page for the Messages web interface has also gone live. It doesn't provide any insight into how you might get the feature working, though. The page says to use the latest version of the app, but the latest version doesn't let you scan the QR code. Presumably, Google will either roll out a Play Store update or flip a server-side switch that turns on the feature.

More info

We have a little more information about how this feature will work from Google's help pages. When you scan the QR code, your recent conversations and contacts will be encrypted and cached in your browser. After 14 days without using Messages in your browser, it automatically signs out and deletes the data.


Ever since the original article went up, the server-side switch for the QR Code has been flipped for more and more users inside the Messages app, thus letting them scan and connect the web interface.

Messages for Web should now be available to everyone.

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