UPS has long embraced its trademark brown color scheme, but the Android app used to take that a little too far. Now, it is downplaying it in the v8.0 update by getting a new coat of paint. Don't worry; there's still some brown in there, but it's not the dominant color.

Here's the changelog for UPS v8.0.

  • Ability to log in with biometric authentication
  • Ability to import device contacts with Manage My Delivery
  • Visual updates to color palette, headers and styling
  • Enhance accessibility across our products and services, fixed bugs related to screen readers and voiceover navigation

You'll notice the new theme instantly upon opening the app—you can compare with the old v7.0 at the bottom. The status bar is still brown, but most of the app is white and gray now. You can also use your fingerprint sensor to log into your UPS account in the app (there's a toggle when you enter your info). If you don't have an account, you can set one up from the app.

The old app was so brown.

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UPS Mobile
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