Many mobile carriers — like Verizon and Project Fi — offer ways of monitoring kids' mobile activity. Today, the "Un-Carrier" announced its take on the concept, which it's calling FamilyMode. T-Mobile's approach is novel, though, in that it includes an optional piece of hardware that extends the service's functionality to your home Wi-Fi network.

In addition to a $10 monthly fee, FamilyMode's hardware component, the Home Base, costs $20 up-front ("for a limited time;" it'll eventually cost $100). The service lets parents track kids' locations, monitor and impose limits on mobile data, filter content, and even grant additional "reward" data. The Home Base enables all the same functionality over a Wi-Fi connection.

FamilyMode's $10 monthly fee makes it competitive with Verizon's location-tracking Smart Family plan, although Verizon also offers a package without location sharing for five bucks a month. Both FamilyMode and Home Base will be available starting June 29 in T-Mobile stores and online.

T-Mobile® FamilyMode™
T-Mobile® FamilyMode™
Developer: T-Mobile USA
Price: Free