With the wide variety of touchscreen Chromebooks on the market, it only makes sense that a stylus would come onto the market at some point. In partnership with Google, STAEDTLER has confirmed that the education-focused Noris digital stylus for Chromebooks will be available by the end of summer. This is almost certainly the companion stylus to the leaked Acer Chrome OS tablet.

There's actually already a STAEDTLER Noris digital stylus on the market, but it's intended for Samsung devices. The Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro are marked as supported by that one, as it is by this Chromebook version, though we'd assume the two products aren't exactly the same. In any case, the Chromebook version's features include EMR tech, charging not being required, palm rejection, adjustable line widths, and eco-friendliness (the pencil is made with wood). Google says that it can be used by teachers to give visual feedback in Classroom and assign PDF worksheets that students can annotate.

According to Google, the stylus is "designed with affordability in mind," though no price has been given. For reference, the Samsung version is $38 on Amazon right now. No exact release date has been given, but it'll be available "later this summer."