A few months ago, we heard that Tasker was changing hands. João Dias, known for his impressive work on AutoApps and Join, took over the app and has since spent the last few months learning the ins and outs of his new property. Today marks his first public release, v5.2, and it brings quite a few additions and quality-of-life improvements for Tasker users. 

Here's what's new:

  • Custom Setting: A way to change many, many Android system settings with one simple action
  • Runtime permissions: Tasker now asks for permissions when it needs them instead of you having to accept them all at install time
  • Location mode: You can toggle your GPS sensor and change other location related settings
  • Immersive Mode: Hide the status bar, the navigation bar or both; great if you want to hide them at certain times or places for example
  • Authentication dialog: You can protect your sensitive tasks with a system authentication dialog
  • New actions: Now when an action is added or updated, you’ll see a little indicator in Tasker so that you know what new stuff there is
  • Root detection is fixed
  • Wifi Tether action and %TETHER variable are fixed
  • Torch action now available Android Marshmallow or above
  • Take Call action now available for Android Oreo or above
  • Sound Mode: toggle between ringer, vibrate or no-sound in devices that support it
  • Power Mode can now be toggled
  • Icon Color in notify actions is now respected

That's quite a list of new things and fixes. João's highlight is the Custom Setting, which you can see in action in the video below. Basically, it allows Tasker to discover many device settings, e.g. Night Light, and offer to toggle them for you. Add this action to a profile and automate away.

Tasker also finally has runtime permissions, and profiles can be locked behind an authentication dialog for added security. And for Immerisve Mode fans, you can set it up to (de)activate automatically at certain times or places, or in specific apps.

Other things include some fixes to root detection (possibly addressing this, but not confirmed at time of writing), tether actions, Take Call, sound mode tweaks, and notification icon color continuity. All in all, it's a pretty hefty update. João says that he has lots more planned for future Tasker updates, so stay tuned — it looks like the app is getting a whole new life breathed into it. If the update hasn't arrived for you in the Play Store yet, you can download it directly from joaoapps.com

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49