Ever since it debuted with the Pixel's launcher, the At A Glance widget has been slowly adding more features. Now, it covers your calendar events, flights, and traffic information, and it works on non-Pixel devices too. One small change you may have noticed recently is that the traffic time comes with a bit of added info if you take public transportation: transit departure times.

Over the past few days, both of our tipsters have started seeing their metro and bus departure times in the widget. These are based on their location and include the line they have to take as well as the current and upcoming departure times.

Since many of us here at Android Police don't take any transit lines regularly or don't live in areas where public transportation is readily available, we haven't seen this kind of info before. It's possible this has been there for a while but our tipsters never noticed it or it just showed up for them, it's also possible it's a server-side test rolling for some users, and it might be new and showing for everyone. As with all things contextual and Google, your mileage may wildly vary.

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  • Alex Dzwill,
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