Google has been slow to add new features to Android Wear Wear OS, but now it's taking features away? Users report that the Google Feed has vanished from their watches. So, if you want to glance at your suggested content, it's time to pull the phone out of your pocket.

The Google Feed has changed substantially since it dropped the Google Now brand. It focuses more on suggesting links than showing predictive cards. Previously, the Feed lived in the Wear OS app list under "Your Feed." It showed the weather as well as a selection of cards from your main Google app. If you wanted to act on any of them, it was off to the phone.

After a recent Google app update, the Feed option disappeared from the app list. It's not the end of the world—the Feed wasn't very useful on Wear OS. Still, improving the implementation would have been better than just removing it entirely. The Feed is a major part of Google's phone experience. It seems like there should be some way to make use of it on a watch.

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