If you're on Verizon Wireless and are interested in Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, here's a fairly straightforward deal for you: Get a Galaxy S9 for $519.99 or an S9+ for $639.99 if you sign up for a 24-month device payment plan via Samsung.com. No trade-in or down payment is required to get this $200 discount on each of these phones.

This is the best price we've seen for the S9, and the price for the S9+ matches what we saw Samsung offering for the AT&T variants last month (though that deal also threw in a free DeX Pad). With the payment plan, the 64GB S9 works out to $21.67 per month for 24 months, and the 64GB S9+ works out to $26.67 per month for 24 months (activation is required for both). Both phones are available in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, or Lilac Purple.

If you scoop up an S9 or S9+ at these prices, you'll be getting plenty in terms of specs and overall value for phones that were released about two months ago. With the S9, you'll get a 5.8" 1440p AMOLED display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a microSD slot that can hold up to 400GB of additional storage, a 12MP main camera, an 8MP front-facing camera, IP68 water resistance, a 3,000mAh battery, and fast charging. The S9+ bumps up the display to 6.2" and the battery to 3,500mAh, and it gives you a dual camera with a telephoto lens on the back.

Samsung is also offering $200 off the Verizon variant of the Note8 (64GB) right now, which brings the price down to $760 ($31.67 per month for 24 months). That's not the best price we've seen for that device, but it's there if you want it.

There's now a $300 off the Verizon Galaxy Note8 as well, which discounts it down to $660. That's almost as good as the few Note8 deals we've seen on eBay lately.