Most of Google's "Go" apps are limited to devices running the Go edition of Android. However, Files Go is available on all devices. It helps you clear out old data to keep your phone lean, and it's getting an update today. There are a couple of notable changes, but most importantly, Google is paying some attention to offline file transfers with a new sharing tab and faster transfers.

Here's the changelog for the latest Files Go update.

  • New Share tab added for even easier file sharing with others.
  • Also enjoy faster offline sharing with speeds up to 490 Mbps.
  • File extraction is now supported.
  • Clean tab will now help you to clean up videos.

Previously, the app had navigation tabs for files and storage. Now, you have Clean, Browse, and (the new tab) Share. The sharing tab makes it quicker to initiate offline file transfer, which uses WiFi to push files directly between devices. The app used to top out at 125Mbps for offline transfers, but now it's 490Mbps. The clean tab will also help clear out old video files now.

The updated Files Go is rolling out in the Play Store. You can also grab it from APK Mirror.

Google initially described the maximum offline file-transfer speed as 455Mbps, but has since changed that to 490Mbps. This post has been updated to reflect the correct speed.

The Google blog post formally announcing the update is now live.

Files by Google
Files by Google
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