Bose is known for making high-end audio gear. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that its latest fully wireless earbuds cost $250. What is a little surprising, though, is that the new "revolutionary noise-masking sleepbuds" (sleepbuds is one word, lowercase) can't play music. These pricey, battery-powered, Bluetooth-connected earphones are made solely to drown out noise and help you sleep, and they literally can't do anything else.

The sleepbuds come pre-loaded with ambient noise files, and use Bose's new noise-masking technology (that's apparently more effective than other noise cancellation solutions) to block external sounds. They're designed to be comfortable when worn for long periods of time lying down, and the battery lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge. None of this would seem strange if the things could play music — they're already operated via a smartphone app.

The kind of deep rest only attainable with $250 non-music-playing earbuds.

Surely, quality sleep is priceless, and it's difficult to get when you're dealing with intrusive background noise. But there are so many less expensive, more practical ways to remedy the situation — earplugs, a Google Home, a box fan, or, I don't know, a nice pair of headphones that can do more than one thing.

Bose sleepbuds are available now for $249.95.