Would you like to play a game? How about a classic 2D RPG? A fighting game? A shooter? A collectible card game? How about all of the above and more in a single title? Impossible, you say? No, Evoland II just launched on Android. This game jumps between genres to keep the experience fresh, and it can be yours at a reduced price right now.

The original Evoland has been on Android for years, and it's gotten great reviews. Meanwhile, Evoland II came to Steam a few years back and has gotten "very positive" reviews. It takes a similar approach to the first game, moving from one game type to the next with varying rules and art styles. So, you get a taste of modern style and nostalgia in a single gaming experience.

Evoland II supports phones, tablets, and Android TV (with optimizations for NVIDIA SHIELD). It also supports most wireless controllers. Evoland II has no in-app purchases or ads. You just buy it, and it's all yours. How novel. The game is on sale for the next week in celebration of the launch. It's $5.99 in the Play Store, which is down from the normal $9.99 price. That's still just half of the Steam price.

Evoland 2
Evoland 2
Developer: Playdigious
Price: $3.99