Late last month, Project Fi announced that the Moto G6, LG G7, and LG V35 would be added to the lineup. The Moto G6 went up for pre-order that same day, but the G7 and V35 were said to be coming "next month." Well, it's now the next month, and the G7 and V35 can now be pre-ordered from Fi.

For the G7, Project Fi is asking $749, or $31.21/month for 24 months. It's available in Aurora Black and Matte Blue. If you pre-order it, Fi will also throw in a $100 service credit, effectively dropping the price to $649. That's not a bad deal for a brand-new phone.

The V35, however, isn't as great of a deal. It'll run you $899, or $37.46/month over 24 months. It's available in Aurora Black and Platinum Grey. The same $100 service credit is given for pre-orders, making it slightly more enticing at $799, but it's just not that great a deal.

It's not clear when either phone will exit the pre-order phase and formally launch, but if you did want to use a G7 or V35 on Project Fi, you can pre-order them now.