Google Home users in the United Kingdom are now able to access a second video streaming service by way of Google Home: Channel 4's All 4. This is the second video-on-demand service compatible with Google Home in the UK, after Netflix.

All 4 streams some popular shows like "The Handmaid's Tale" and the original "Shameless" series. Users are able to call up shows on All 4 on their TVs just by asking; no need to specify the service when issuing the command. Playback can also be controlled by voice, with commands like "pause," "play," et cetera.

International support for Google Home-compatible video services is still lagging behind US options. Compared to the UK's two choices, here in the States, we have access to a total of 10 services including Netflix, YouTube TV, and HBO Now. It's nice that additional services are coming, but I'm sure our overseas friends would appreciate it if they'd hurry up a bit.