Don’t you wish your favorite Wear OS watch face could do more? Thanks to a huge new Facer update, it can!

Facer 4.6.0 adds support for interactive watch faces for the first time, giving users the ability to launch apps, play mini-games, trigger fun animations, and lots more right from their wrist.

One of the best things about Wear OS, which Apple Watch still hasn’t matched, is its support for third-party faces. It gives Wear OS users a wealth of customization options so that no matter what they’re into, what they’re doing, or how they’re feeling, there’s a face to suit.

Facer wants to take that one step further. Its latest update opens “a new world of possibilities” for watch face designers and smartwatch wearers with interactive faces that let you do all kinds of things with just a few taps. Some functions are purely cosmetic; others are much more useful.

For instance, some faces, like Rhine from MVMT, can launch websites on your phone with just one tap. Others, like Unlimited Actions X1003 from TOMAJA Design, have toggles that let you enable or disable watch face elements like the display light or ambient mode. The Triple Fruity face from John Morga, which you can interact with below, changes its look entirely when you tap its bottom dial.

Some of the top watch face designers in the Facer community got early access to the latest update, so you’ll find a number of new faces are already taking advantage of the interactive features. Download the latest Facer update now to try them out.

Facer Watch Faces
Facer Watch Faces
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