While Samsung's devices in North America have used Snapdragon processors for years, the company also develops its own Exynos processors for international models. But when it comes to graphics, Samsung still uses ARM's 'Mali' GPU family across all its phones and tablets. According to a new job listing on LinkedIn, Samsung wants to develop its own GPUs for a wide range of devices - including phones.

WinFuture discovered a job listing for Samsung SARC (the company's R&D center in Austin, Texas) and ACL (San Jose Advanced Computing Lab). It explicitly says that Samsung wants to create its own GPUs, initially for budget phones:

Our flagship GPUs will populate lower tier mobile devices while nextgen GPUs embrace evolving markets like autonomous driving and the power of machine/deep learning computations. This is Samsung’s proprietary IP. We will define the ISA, the architecture, the SW, the entire solution. Not many companies can claim this - We can.

Presumably, these custom GPUs will only be used on Exynos-powered devices, but there is no confirmation of that. If Samsung can successfully develop its own GPU stack, it could more directly compete with Apple, which also develops its own CPUs and GPUs.