Corbin reviewed the Nebula Capsule back in April, saying that no other Android-powered projector came close to its build quality and software experience for the same price and that it was "almost certainly the best portable projector you can buy." Anker does manufacture the larger and more powerful Nebule Mars, but the Capsule's bigger brother does have some downsides, like the ancient version Android it uses (KitKat 4.4.4), the lack of Play Store support, and the higher price tag. However, Anker has just released the new Mars II to replace the old version and bring it more up-to-date, and we've already got hold of a $100 off coupon code to use on Amazon.

For starters, the Mars II now runs the much more modern Android Nougat 7.1 like its smaller sibling (unfortunately, neither projector runs Oreo). It is rated at a brightness level of 300 ANSI lumens, which is three times the output of the Capsule (though apparently less than the 500 ANSI lumens of the original Mars). The Mars II has a longer battery life than the previous version, lasting up to 4 hours of continuous video playback, and comes with dual 10W drivers and 2 bass radiators. It boasts a projection resolution of 1280 by 720, higher than the Capsule's 854 by 480 resolution, and rivaling that of most other portable projectors. The Mars II can project a larger image than the Capsule, reaching up to 150" wide. A nifty new trick that's also exclusive to the Mars II in the Nebula lineup is its 1-second, automatic image focus, removing the need to manually readjust the focus every time you move the projector.

The Nebula Mars II just went on sale for $539.99, but you can grab one for $439.99 ($100 off, or 18.5%) with the coupon NEWMARS2 on Amazon. For comparison, the smaller Capsule costs $349.99, so you can grab the newer and more powerful projector for just $90 more instead of $190.

We still haven't had a chance to fully review the Mars II, but hopefully, we'll get a chance to do so soon.