Entering text on touchscreen devices used to feel like quite the chore, but modern on-screen keyboard software has gone a long way towards making us forget about hardware keyboards. Over the years we've seen the arrival of developments like improved text prediction, better tap analysis, and swipe-based gesture input. SwiftKey has helped to popularize many of those advancements, and now it's time for the software to take what it's learned on smartphones and bring some of the same improvements to PCs, as Windows 10 picks up SwiftKey support of its own.

That SwiftKey would one day come to Windows has felt like a bit of an inevitability, following its acquisition by Microsoft a couple years back. While it's taken some time to make that leap, the transition is finally happening with today's release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692.

Users testing Microsoft's latest software update will now be able to take advantage of SwiftKey's predictive-text magic, auto-corrections, and swipe input on their Windows 10 touchscreen devices. Initial support covers both US and UK English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

If you're interested in giving SwiftKey for Windows 10 a try before the rest of your friends (and don't mind a little unfinished software here and there along the way), go ahead and sign up for the Windows Insider Program.