Chrome's new tab page has been showing article recommendations it thinks are interesting to you for quite a while now. Some users find them useless and full of clickbait links, others see some good articles in the mix. If you feel like your new tab page is cluttered by them and you want to clean it up without completely disabling the recommendations, there's a Chrome flag to do just that.

Look closely at the screenshot above and you'll notice a little drop-down arrow next to Articles for you. Some users, like our tipster, are seeing this automatically enabled for them without manually tinkering with any setting. But if you don't see it, you can head over to chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-article-suggestions-expandable-header (you need to copy and paste this, tapping the link won't work) and change it to Enabled. After relaunching Chrome, you'll get the little arrow.

Chrome flag (left), Articles for you expanded (right)

Tapping it collapses the article recommendations so you can have a cleaner new tab page. When you want to see the news, tap it again and you'll have all your articles there. It's a nice compromise between seeing all the recommendations and completely disabling them (chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions if you want to do the latter).

Articles for you expanded on the regular Chrome look (left), collapsed on Modern Design (right).

The flag is available on Chrome 67 stable, so it should be there on the newer Beta and Dev versions too.

  • Thanks:
  • Tony Damiani