Selecting an institution for yours or your children's higher education is a difficult process, but it's one of the most important decisions in life. Google hopes to make it a little easier by introducing new cards in Search that will show information about admissions and cost of various colleges, plus what student life is like in each location.

When searching 4-year US colleges such as Yale or UCLA, you'll first see the familiar Overview tab with contact information and a Google Maps link. Exploring the other tabs will bring you detailed breakdowns of the average cost to study at each college, as well as graduation rates and typical incomes for alumni.

Other information such as enrollment rates and student body stats will also be available through Google Search, and you'll get links to other similar colleges so you can compare them. As well as public data from the government, education researchers and nonprofit organizations were also used to source the relevant details.

This comprehensive college selection tool is rolling out right now in mobile search, and some features will also be available on desktop. Google will continue to improve the feature over time, and who knows, we may see it come to different countries in future.