Google Calendar is getting an update that will make your depressing lack of popularity more evident. When everyone declines one of your event invitations, the app will alert you and offer quick actions to remedy the situation. Sadly, the options do not include "sulk in the corner" or "send a passive-aggressive email."

This update was announced as a part of G Suite earlier in the month, and now it's part of the Android app (this is the only change). When you send an invitation that is declined by all parties, the item on your calendar gets a small exclamation point. Tap on it, and you can instantly take one of the following actions.

  • Cancel the meeting: If you’re the event organizer, you’ll be able to delete the event. All other invitees will be able to remove it from their own calendar.
  • Reschedule the meeting: Organizers can reschedule the event, either manually or with “Find a Time.” Guests (or organizers in domains without the “Find a time” feature available) can email other guests to suggest rescheduling.
  • Dismiss an event: Until the event is moved to a new time, users can dismiss seeing the flagged indication for the meeting.

The update is live in the Play Store, and it should work for regular accounts in addition to G Suite.

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Google Calendar
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