Updates to Google Maps have been a bit quieter over the last few months as fewer features come to each update than we're accustomed to. A recent announcement revealed this time has been spent on some cool new predictive features that will help users find restaurants, events, and other places that match their taste and style. The first stage of those new features, scoring for places that match your tastes, is going live now. There are also signs of many of the other previously announced features, Waze-style incident reporting, and more.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)

  • Match scores



Last month, the Maps team announced some of its upcoming features, including a brand new "Match" score that aims to help you find restaurants suited to your tastes. Matches are starting to roll out now for some people.

Your match score appears near the top of detail pages for places that serve food or drinks, just to the right of the average rating. The score is based on many factors like your known preferences, if you've visited similar places in the past, how you've rated a place, and so on. Tap on the score to see more details and get shortcuts to refine the information Maps has for making suggestions.

You can define the types of restaurants that appeal to you based on various categories like regional cuisine, which meals are served, and more. As you define more preferences and give ratings to places you've been, Maps will update your scores and provide new suggestions.

While the Match scores will appear on restaurant detail pages and suggestions resulting from the scores will appear in a couple of different places, you can also open the Settings screen to find a new section titled Exploring places. That's where you can change your preferences and see a list of places you've rated.

Match scores are still not widely available to everybody, but they are rolling out to people in at least a few different countries, so this isn't locked to the US.

Google officially announced that the score matches are rolling out to everyone along with the For You tab and the new Material look we covered earlier.

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Disclaimer: Teardowns are based on evidence found inside of apks (Android's application package) and are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete information. It's possible that the guesses made here are wrong or inaccurate. Even when predictions are correct, there is always a chance that products could change or may be canceled. Much like rumors, nothing is certain until it's officially announced and released.

The features discussed below are probably not live yet, or may only be live for a small percentage of users. Unless stated otherwise, don't expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are real unless otherwise stated, and images are only altered to remove personal information.

Incident reporting

One of the most frequently cited features of Waze is the ability to report different types of roadside events and points of interest for other drivers. It looks like incident reporting may finally be making its way to Google Maps.

New text includes three types of reports: Crash, Speed camera, and Speed trap. There is also text for vote up and down buttons and the obligatory warnings to only use the interface when it's safe to do so. Overall, there's very little text to look at, which makes sense for a feature most people will be using while they drive.

<string name="MENU_SHOW_REPORT_INCIDENT">Add a report</string>

<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_TITLE">Add a report</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_TUTORIAL_TITLE">Let others know what\'s on the road</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_TUTORIAL_CONTENT">Only add a report if it’s safe to do so</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_ACCIDENT">Crash</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_ACCIDENT_REPORTED">Crash reported</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_CAMERA">Speed camera</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_CAMERA_REPORTED">Speed camera reported</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_SPEED_TRAP">Speed trap</string>
<string name="REPORT_INCIDENT_PROMPT_SPEED_TRAP_REPORTED">Speed trap reported</string>

<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_DOWN_VOTE_BUTTON_TEXT">%1$s Didn\'t see</string>
<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_DOWN_VOTE_BUTTON_BUCKET_TEXT">%1$s+ Didn\'t see</string>
<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_UP_VOTE_BUTTON_TEXT">%1$s Saw this</string>
<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_UP_VOTE_BUTTON_BUCKET_TEXT">%1$s+ Saw this</string>
<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_VOTE_SAFETY_TEXT">Only tap if it\'s safe to do so</string>
<string name="MIDTRIP_UGC_VOTE_SENT_FEEDBACK">Thanks for reporting</string>

<activity-alias android:name="com.google.android.apps.maps.CaretakersReportAProblemActivity" android:exported="false" android:targetActivity="com.google.android.maps.MapsActivity" />

Explore nearby events

The new Match scores weren't the only thing announced for Maps last month, there were quite a few others. The first one to discuss is a redesigned Explore tab. The upcoming changes aren't just visual, there will also be a big change in content. Users can look forward to top trending lists and interesting events in your area.

We've known that feature is coming, but now the resources are actually available when the time comes for a launch.


<string name="EXPLORE_TAB_TOOLTIP_PROMO_TEXT">New! Swipe up to see what\'s nearby</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_CATEGORIES">Categories</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_EXPLORE_AREA">Explore %s</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_EXPLORE_NEARBY">Explore Nearby</string>

<string name="EXPLORE_PREFERENCES_EAT_AND_DRINK_SIDEMENU_ENTRY_POINT_TEXT">Food &amp; drink preferences</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_PREFERENCES_OFFLINE_SNACKBAR_TEXT">Network disconnected. Please connect to the internet to update your preferences.</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_PREFERENCES_YOUR_FEEDBACK_ENTRY_POINT_TEXT">Your feedback about places</string>

<string name="EXPLORE_SCAVENGER_HUNT_MORE_PAGE_TITLE">Lists</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_SCAVENGER_HUNT_PLACE_COUNT">%s places</string>
<string name="EXPLORE_SCAVENGER_HUNT_VISITEDNESS">Visited %1$s/%2$s places</string>

<string name="EXPERIENCE_CATEGORICAL_NO_RESULT_ADD_NEW_EVENT_PROMPT">Something missing?</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_CATEGORICAL_NO_RESULT_LESS_FILTERS">Try using less filters or searching in a different area</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_CATEGORICAL_NO_RESULT_PAN_OR_ZOOM">No results found. Try panning or zooming the map.</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_CATEGORICAL_NO_RESULT_SEARCH_SOMETHING_ELSE">Try searching for something else or in a different area</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_ADD_TO_CALENDAR">Add to calendar</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_EDIT_EVENT_SUBTITLE">Make an edit to this page</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_EDIT_EVENT_TEXT">Edit</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_EDIT_EVENT_TITLE">Info not right?</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_LOAD_ERROR_TEXT_NOT_AVAILABLE_OFFLINE">This information is not available offline</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_OVERVIEW_MORE_INFO_TITLE">More info</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_OVERVIEW_MORE_TEXT">More</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_OVERVIEW_TITLE">About</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_SHEET_SEND_FEEDBACK">Send feedback</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_TIME_FRAME_FILTER_NOW">Now</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_TIME_FRAME_FILTER_TITLE">Date</string>
<string name="EXPERIENCE_TIME_FRAME_PIVOT_PANEL_TITLE">Filter by</string>

It's notable that events can be added to your calendar directly from Google Maps, not that we should have expected otherwise. There will also be a feature for editing events, though it might only be available to the creator of an event.

The more interesting part may be some of the other types of things that may be added to the Explore tab. There appears to be a list of different settings that will allow you to filter what type of content will be visible. It looks like the current plans include lists of newly opened places, saved places, trending restaurants, and places the local foodies have gravitated toward.

<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_FOODIE_FAVORITE_SETTINGS_TITLE">Rising foodie star</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_FOODIE_FAVORITE_SETTINGS_SUMMARY">Know about foodie scene favorites in your areas</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_NEWLY_OPENED_PLACES_SETTINGS_SUMMARY">Know when new places open in areas you follow</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_SAVED_PLACE_NEARBY_SETTINGS_TITLE">Saved places nearby</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_SAVED_PLACE_NEARBY_SETTINGS_SUMMARY">Know when you\'re near one of your saved places</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_TRENDING_PLACES_SETTINGS_TITLE">Trending places</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_TRENDING_PLACES_SETTINGS_SUMMARY">Get briefed on the top trending places in areas you follow</string>

<string name="EXPLORE_SETTINGS_TITLE">Exploring places</string>

excerpt from /xml/settings.xml
<Preference android:persistent="false" android:title="@string/EXPLORE_SETTINGS_TITLE" android:key="explore_preferences"/>

Group planning

Also mentioned in the Maps announcement was a group planning feature that enables creating sharable lists and having a group vote on a preferred destination. As it turns out, there's not much to look at for this one besides a title, so it's likely this won't be launching until the next version (or later).

<string name="GROUP_PLANNING_CATEGORY_TITLE">Group planning</string>

For you: Following areas and places

The final big new feature promised by Google is called "For You" – a tab dedicated to helping each person find places to go and things to do. For You seems to be more of a parent to most of the other features we've seen in that announcement, at least in the sense that things like Match scores and the other event-related things appear to feed into this tab.

Of course, the For You tab will contain all of those recommendations based on Match scores and various lists and suggestions, but there's a little more to it. Users will also be able to follow places and areas in almost the same way they follow somebody on Twitter. When you follow places and areas, you'll get articles and other updates those places change.

The setup for following an area appears to resemble the experience of setting up an offline map: You just move a piece of the map to fit within a box. If you don't want to hear about individual places within an area, you can manually hide them from showing updates.


<string name="LOCALSTREAM_PAGE_TITLE_FOR_YOU">For you</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_PLACE_LISTS_SECTION_DESCRIPTION_TEXT">You get updates about places on these lists</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_FOLLOWED_AREAS_DESCRIPTION_TEXT">You get updates about these areas</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_NO_MUTED_PLACES">No places have been hidden</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_PAGE_TITLE_FOR_YOU">For you page</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_FOLLOW_AREA_IN_LIST">Start following %1$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_OPEN_MAP_IN_AREA_BASED_CARD">Open map view for %1$s from %2$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_OPEN_MAP_IN_CARD">Open map view for %1$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_OVERFLOW_MENU_IN_AREA_BASED_CARD">More options for %1$s from %2$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_OVERFLOW_MENU_IN_CARD">More options for %s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_REMOVE_AREA_FROM_LIST">Remove %1$s from the area list</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_REMOVE_PLACE_FROM_LIST">Remove %1$s from %2$s list</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_SAVE_PLACE_IN_LIST">Save %1$s in %2$s list</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_UNFOLLOW_AREA_IN_LIST">Stop following %1$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_EDIT_AREA">Edit area %1$s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_AREA_FOLLOW">Follow</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_AREA_FOLLOWING">Following</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_CAPTION_EMPTY_STREAM">No updates are available. Try following some areas.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_CAPTION_END_OF_STREAM">That\'s all for now</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_CHANGE_SAVED_LIST">Change</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_AREA_NAME_DEFAULT">Around this area</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_DIALOG_TITLE_TEXT">Name your area</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_HEADER_TEXT">Follow an area</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_LOW_DENSITY_ERROR_TEXT">Doesn\'t include enough places.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_OFFLINE_ERROR_TEXT">Offline. Please try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_SAVE_AREA_ERROR_TEXT">Could not save area. Please try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_TOO_BIG_ERROR_TEXT">A little too large.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_TOO_SMALL_ERROR_TEXT">Doesn\'t include enough places.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_UNSUPPORTED_COUNTRY_ERROR_TEXT">Can\'t follow this area.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_AREA_PICKER_VIEWFINDER_INSTRUCTIONS">Pan &amp; zoom to an area you care about.\nYou can add more later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_FOLLOW_BUTTON_ERROR_MESSAGE">Something went wrong. Try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_MUTE_PLACE">Hide place</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_MUTE_PLACE_FAILURE_MESSAGE">Couldn\'t hide the place. Try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_MUTE_PLACE_SUCCESS_MESSAGE">You won\'t get updates about this place</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ON_PLACE_LIST">On your %s list</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ONBOARDING_AREA_PICKER_HEADLINE">Follow your favorite areas</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ONBOARDING_OVERVIEW_DESCRIPTION">Get recommendations, created just for you. Hear about the hottest spots in your favorite areas.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ONBOARDING_OVERVIEW_HEADLINE">Discover places you\'ll love</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ONBOARDING_UNKNOWN_ERROR">Not available right now. Try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_ONBOARDING_UNSUPPORTED_ACCOUNT">Not available for this account\n%s</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_PAGE_NO_CONTENTS_ERROR_MESSAGE">Couldn\'t get updates</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_PERSONAL_SCORE_MATCH">match</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_RECOMMENDATION_RATING_FEEDBACK">Thanks! This improves your matches</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_REMOVE_CARD_BUTTON">Hide</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_REMOVE_CARD_CONFIRM">Hide</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_REMOVE_CARD_CONFIRMATION_MESSAGE">Hide update? You won\'t see this update again.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_REMOVE_CARD_FAILURE_MESSAGE">Couldn\'t hide the update. Try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_REMOVE_MUTED_PLACE">Remove</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_SAVED_PLACE_TAGLINE_TEXT">saved place</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_SEE_ALL">See all</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_SEE_LESS_PLACES">Show less</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_STREAM_AREA_SUGGESTION_DESCRIPTION_TEXT">Get recommendations &amp; know what\'s trending</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_STREAM_AREA_SUGGESTION_HEADER_TEXT">You\'re not following any areas</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_TOO_MANY_AREAS_DIALOG_TITLE">Can\'t add more areas</string>
<string name="LOCALSTREAM_VIEW_PLACES_ON_MAP">View places on map</string>

<string name="LOCAL_STREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_MUTED_PLACES_PAGE_TITLE_TEXT">Places you\'ve hidden</string>
<string name="LOCAL_STREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_MUTED_PLACES_PAGE_DESCRIPTION_TEXT">You won\'t get updates about these places</string>
<string name="LOCAL_STREAM_FOLLOW_MANAGEMENT_MUTED_PLACES_FETCH_FAILURE_SNACKBAR_TEXT">Couldn\'t load hidden places. Try again later.</string>
<string name="LOCAL_STREAM_ACCESSIBILITY_SUGGESTIONS_SUPPORT_LINK">Get help about area suggestions on this page</string>

<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION_CHANNEL_TITLE">New recommendations and updates</string>
<string name="LOCAL_DISCOVERY_UPDATE_NOTIFICATION_CHANNEL_SUMMARY">Receive recommendations and updates about places in areas you follow</string>

<activity-alias android:name="com.google.android.apps.maps.LocalStreamContinuationActionActivity" android:exported="false" android:targetActivity="com.google.android.maps.MapsActivity" />
<activity-alias android:name="com.google.android.apps.maps.LocalStreamFocusItemActionActivity" android:exported="false" android:targetActivity="com.google.android.maps.MapsActivity" />

<item>Open map view for %1$s from %2$s areas</item>
<item>Open map view for %1$s from %2$s area</item>
<item>More options for %1$s from %2$s areas</item>
<item>More options for %1$s from %2$s area</item>
<item>%d places hidden</item>
<item>%d place hidden</item>
<item>%1$s areas</item>
<item>%1$s area</item>
<item>%1$s areas</item>
<item>%1$s area</item>
<item>%1$s places saved</item>
<item>%1$s place saved</item>
<item>%1$s more articles</item>
<item>%1$s more article</item>
<item>Follow %1$s areas</item>
<item>Follow %1$s area</item>
<item>You can follow up to %s areas</item>
<item>You can follow up to %s area</item>

Prices tab

As the detail pages for businesses have grown, Google has been slowly moving whole sections into their own dedicated tabs. Depending on the place, you could have theoretically seen as many as seven tabs in that horizontally scrollable bar. In the latest update, that number goes to eight as a Prices title is added.

<string name="TAB_TITLE_OVERVIEW">Overview</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_POSTS">Posts</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_REVIEWS">Reviews</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_PRICES">Prices</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_RATES">Rates</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_UPDATES">Updates</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_MENU">Menu</string>
<string name="TAB_TITLE_PHOTOS">Photos</string>

I haven't been able to find a place with a tab for prices, but my best guess is that it's for businesses that charge an entry fee like a theme park or movie theater.

New notifications and channels

There is now text for a potentially new notification. It's titled "Familiar Places," but the description reads quite a bit like some of the existing contribution-related prompts that already exist. I tend to doubt this really differs from the ones that are already there, it may just be different wording in an A/B test to determine if different phrasing will get better results.

<string name="CARETAKERS_PENDING_EDIT_NOTIFICATION_OPT_OUT_MESSAGE">Help provide up-to-date info for places you might know</string>

<string name="CARETAKERS_PENDING_EDIT_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS_SUMMARY">You\'re getting questions about places you might know on Google Maps</string>

More sorting options for reviews

It's a really minor thing, but there will be two more options for sorting reviews: Most liked and Oldest.

<string name="CONTRIBUTIONS_SORT_BY_MOST_LIKED">Most liked</string>
<string name="CONTRIBUTIONS_SORT_BY_OLDEST">Oldest</string>


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