Game news from E3 is in full swing, and just yesterday EA announced at its event in LA that the company was returning to an old franchise. Command & Conquer should be a familiar title for those of us that grew up playing PC games in the late 90's and 00's, and EA has just announced the first new game to bear the name since 2012. Command & Conquer: Rivals is an all-new PVP real-time strategy game designed for mobile, and it's already available in "pre-alpha" testing on the Play Store.

The Command & Conquer series is probably one of the few EA didn't run into the ground. At least, not immediately. After it purchased the original developers, Westwood Studios, later entries were generally well received. Although it's hard to duplicate the success of Red Alert or Tiberian Sun, some of the games like Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3 were regarded well by fans, though the very last entries in the series weren't quite so good.

EA's new Command & Conquer: Rivals was designed with mobile platforms like Android in mind. "Rivals is specifically designed for mobile, so we’re giving players quick, head-to-head live battles with continuous unit control, where skill and strategy reign supreme," says Michael Martinez, General Manager of Redwood Studios.

The new game is still incomplete, and the developers want to incorporate player feedback as they polish things up, hence the new pre-alpha testing program available on the Play Store. Our own Artem tried the version currently being tested and found it entertaining for the hour or so he played. It's noteworthy that this is hot on the heels of Tencent's recent announcement of Red Alert Online coming to Android in China.

I can't actually tell you too much about how the game plays, as I can't play it. The game fails to run if you try to sideload it from APK Mirror, so you'll have to make sure you join the testing program for it to work. Unfortunately, that seems to be hit-or-miss. Some of us at AP are having no problem joining, but I can't seem to get in, myself. YMMV.

The game offers players two factions: The Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod. Each faction has different commanders with different abilities. Like most mobile RTS games, it isn't quite the full desktop experience. Strategy and map size are a bit limited, so it's more "Clash of Clans" than old-school Command & Conquer.

Players earn the game's base resource at a set rate, and they've got to handle additional resource harvesting (which is automated) as well as unit offensive/defensive strategy. The control of the platforms surrounding the central missile silo gives that player an offensive edge toward the end goal: Destroying the enemy base. Games are short (think minutes, not hours), with unit types having RTS-typical relative strengths and weaknesses against other unit types.

Although the game is free to play, EA plans on including microtransactions for more powerful units at a later date, according to Engadget. Android's pre-alpha is available now, and iOS support is expected later this year. For more information, you can sign up for notifications from EA on future developments for the game.

Command & Conquer: Rivals
Command & Conquer: Rivals
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Press Release

EA Announces Command & Conquer: Rivals Coming to iOS and Android
Raise an Army, Control Your Forces and Dominate Rivals in 1v1, Competitive PVP Battles.

Pre-Register Today for Your Chance to Play the Pre-Alpha

June 09, 2018 03:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today at EA PLAY in Los Angeles, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) announced Command & Conquer™: Rivals, a fresh and innovative player versus player (PVP) real-time strategy game (RTS) built from the ground up for mobile devices. Taking advantage of mobile’s touch interface, Command & Conquer: Rivals gives players continuous control of their armies as they face off in intense head-to-head battles where skill and strategy are key to victory.

“As huge fans of the strategy genre, we wanted to build a great RTS on mobile. Rivals embraces the spirit of the Command & Conquer franchise and reimagines gameplay to deliver our vision”

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Starting today, players can pre-register to find out when Command & Conquer: Rivals is available worldwide by heading to Android users can also pre-register on Google Play™ by searching “Command & Conquer: Rivals”. US and Canadian Android® players that pre-register will also be eligible to join the Command & Conquer: Rivals Pre-Alpha. Learn more about Command & Conquer: Rivals and the pre-alpha in this blog from the games General Manager, Michael Martinez.

“As huge fans of the strategy genre, we wanted to build a great RTS on mobile. Rivals embraces the spirit of the Command & Conquer franchise and reimagines gameplay to deliver our vision,” said Michael Martinez, General Manager of Redwood Studios. “Rivals is specifically designed for mobile, so we’re giving players quick, head-to head live battles with continuous unit control, where skill and strategy reign supreme. The Google Play Pre-Alpha test allows us to put the game in the hands of our players earlier. We can’t wait to hear what they think and will use our players’ feedback to make Rivals better. We, the development team, are committed to delivering a fun, fair, and competitive experience for all players.”

True to RTS games, planning and strategy are the keys to victory in Command & Conquer: Rivals. The intuitive mobile controls of the game allow players to focus their efforts on high-level strategy while also engaging in tactical battles. Each match requires a unique approach to a player’s army composition and build order, where players must create winning combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and hi-tech behemoths in order to defend and out-maneuver an opponent.

Players will choose between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod factions, selecting their favorite Commanders to control their ultimate army in battle. By collecting, customizing, and upgrading a vast array of units and forces from the iconic Command & Conquer series, you can defeat your rivals on the battlefield and lead your army to victory.

For more information and to stay up to date on the latest news, follow Command & Conquer: Rivals on Twitter.

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