Historically, sports aren't really our emphasis here at Android Police. As the name implies, we more go for phones and technology. But with the 2018 World Cup approaching, the coming matches are on many of our reader's minds—as well as our own. So we're curious, do you plan on following the games in any way on your Android phone?

Interest in football/soccer is definitely regional, so I don't expect all of our readers to share the same level of excitement. And depending on where you are, your options for watching the various games can be pretty limited. Google does make it easy to at least follow the scores and catch recaps, and Maps will be pointing out places that are "good for watching sports."

Personally, I'm more excited for this weekend's RLCS, even though I wasn't able to go this season. Rocket League is.. kinda-sorta soccerish. But I still might zip to a nearby bar to watch a US match or two, in the absence of a cable TV subscription.

What about you? Excited to follow the 2018 World Cup matches?

Will you be following the 2018 FIFA World Cup on your Android phone?

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