The decision by President Trump and the Department of Commerce to lift ZTE's ban on importing U.S. components has drawn plenty of criticism. Not only was it ZTE's second time breaking U.S. law, but many believe Chinese OEMs like ZTE and Huawei to be security threats. Now a number of senators plan to introduce a bill that will reinstate the import ban.

Republican senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas) and Democrat Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) have announced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would once again block ZTE from importing U.S. goods. "Our amendment would essentially reinstate the earlier penalties until the president makes certain certifications to the Congress," Van Hollen said on CNBC yesterday.

The measure is being supported by senators on both sides of the isle, including Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Bill Nelson (D-Florida), and Charles Schumer (D-New York). At the moment, it's not clear if the bill will pass.