Motorola has quite a few discounts going on through its official site. Most of them concern Moto Mods, which nobody really cares about these days, but two new ones have just gone live: $100 off the Moto X4, $100 off the 64GB Moto G5S Plus, and $50 off the 32GB Moto G5S Plus.

Here are the new highlight deals, which are valid until June 30th:

The Moto X4's $100 discount is pretty good; it's not as good as the $150 credit from Project Fi or the Prime Exclusive discounts Amazon sometimes offers, but this is a straightforward discount and you don't get any Amazon crapware on your phone. If you're going for a Moto G5S Plus, you'd be stupid not to go for the 64GB model; it's only $20 more than the 32GB version with this discount and it comes with more RAM and storage.

Here are a few of the other deals Motorola is offering:

Again, the deals on the Moto X4 and Moto G5S Plus expire June 30th, so you've got some time to mull them over.