Samsung Internet Beta version 7.4 is now available to download with support for Intelligent Scan authentication, a new Reader Mode, and improvements to download history. Samsung has also made some regional changes for those in the U.S., China, and India.

Samsung’s own software was once the object of ridicule among the Android community. In recent years, however, the South Korean company has overhauled it all, and the Samsung Experience — and many of the apps that come with it — are some of the best. If you’ve decided to stick with Samsung Internet rather than switching to Chrome, there are some nice new features for you to enjoy.

The latest Samsung Internet Beta now supports Intelligent Scan authentication on the latest Galaxy devices. Intelligent Scan already lets you log into apps and confirm payments, and now you can use it to log into your favorite websites and authorize purchases online. It uses your handset’s iris scanner and facial recognition technology simultaneously to be as secure as possible.

The update also brings a new Reader Mode. Samsung Internet already had a Reader Mode, which provides you with a streamlined view of a website so that you can enjoy it without all the unnecessary clutter, but now it’s customizable. You can pick your preferred background color, font, and font size to make reading online articles as comfortable as possible.

Download history improvements in version 7.4 allow you to filter downloads by type, making files easier to find. You can also share downloads from the new Share panel, delete downloaded files without having to find them elsewhere, and clear all your download history entries.

In the U.S., Samsung Internet users can now enjoy news notifications if they want them. In India, users will see the estimated time remaining for downloads. In China, there is a new Trending Now section with content provided by Baidu. Some of these features may come to other regions later, but for now, they’re being tested in these markets only.

In a previous Internet Beta update, Samsung introduced a feature that looks out for dangerous websites, and improved web browsing performance.