We all love sharing links to pages and products and things we find online. Whether it's that item we want to buy on Amazon, that meme image we found on some site, that funny tweet we just read, or any other form of link, we grab them and send them over to other apps. But more often than not, what could have been a simple URL is littered with hundreds of additional characters for tracking that are useless to you. Clean Share wants to solve that issue by removing all that junk and making sure the URL you send doesn't look like a spammy one.

After you install Clean Share, you can check the app's settings to see what parameters it will remove from the URL, add your own if needed, or simply trust it to do its thing.

Sharing is easy with it. You choose it first when you want to share a link, and a split-second later after it cleans the URL in the background, a new sharing menu surfaces and you can send the stripped-down link to any app you want. Check it out in action in the GIF below. I start by showing the long Amazon URL, share to Clean Share, and copy the link, which now just has the essential part of the URL.

Clean Share is like Chrome's Tracking Token Stripper extension, except it works on your phone. Given that I often end up manually deleting the useless parts of a URL before sharing it and that Clean Share is more efficient at it, I'm sure I'll be using it a lot from now on. It's free, but you can send the developer some bucks if you want to support them.

Clean Share
Clean Share
Developer: Ruoxin He
Price: Free+