Android P is going to add important new features like digital wellbeing tools and proper support for notches, but not everything can be that important. With that in mind: there's a new fingerprint enrolling animation in DP3. It's colorful and buttery smooth. Neat!

Google has long provided a boring blue/gray animation when adding a new fingerprint (that's Pixel Imprint) on a Pixel device. In DP3, the animation gets a fresh coat of paint. Colorful lines race around the fingerprint image on the screen periodically when you're not touching the sensor. As you tap on the sensor to train it, the image flashes with brighter Googley colors.


Left: Old, Right: New

As far as we can tell, the enrolling process is otherwise unchanged. It doesn't take more than a couple of taps to enroll a print, so you don't get to enjoy the pretty new animation for long.

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  • Ramit Suri