Google's Project Fi has just announced that its group plans are now family-optimized, with additional support for Family Link-associated children's accounts. In essence, Google is still pushing the same group plans it had before, at the same $5 per person discount, but as of today you can add children under 13 to your Fi group plan and continue to manage their device use via Family Link.

Over the last year or so, Google's been quite aggressive at expanding the reach and utility of Family Link, and Project Fi appears to be the latest to get its attention.

So far as we can tell, the only real change associated with today's announcement is that children's Google accounts managed via Family Link can now be added to Project Fi group plans. Most of the other functionality Google describes was previously present via the existing management tools for group plans in Project Fi and the Family Link app, which already allows you to manage and monitor use of your children's phones.

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